Is There a Sane Left Left?

Today’s data point in favor of a negative answer is this absurd article in Vox, a web site for low-information millennials:

Why should a superstar like Ms. Ocasio-Cortez have to wait until she is 35? Heck, she hasn’t even taken office yet and is already the darling of her party! Because of her notable accomplishments, presumably.

Ben Shapiro responded appropriately:

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, via Twitter, rejected the suggestion that she should get herself elected president in defiance of the Constitution and “dare the Supreme Court to stop her.” That is to her credit, I guess, in today’s crazed environment.

This is a small thing, obviously. I don’t suppose any serious person pays attention to Vox. But we are, in fact, living in dangerous times. Liberals do not see themselves as bound by any constraints of law or, even more fundamentally, of good faith. Barack Obama, for example, didn’t declare himself president for life or run for president in violation of the Constitution. But he did direct the issuance of work permits to illegal immigrants in blatant violation of federal law, and dared the federal courts to stop him. Is that very different from what Vox urged a not-yet-freshman Congresswoman to do?

If you disagree with a liberal, your First Amendment rights are revoked. If Democrats think they can demagogue crime, they are happy to make your Second Amendment rights disappear. And if you run against a Democrat, your Fourth Amendment rights won’t prevent unmasking and obtaining of surveillance warrants through misleading, or outright false, applications. So why should we be surprised that a Democratic Party outlet like Vox would think there is nothing extraordinary about simply ignoring the Constitution?