So Now the Democrats Are Hawks?

I would have said there was no possible way the Democrats could be persuaded to advocate stationing ground troops in the Middle East, but President Trump proved me wrong. When he announced the withdrawal of 2,000 personnel from Syria–honestly, I am not sure I even realized they were there–the Democrats erupted in unanimous condemnation. It is absolutely necessary that the United States have boots on the ground in Syria!

So the Democrats are hawks now, and they apparently love the military, too. Forget about cheering those who won’t stand for the National Anthem, deriding nationalism, and all the rest. What were Democrats offended about yesterday? That President Trump wasn’t visiting troops overseas at Christmas. Twitchy has the whole story; this is a sample:

Do you ever get the feeling liberal press outlets coordinate their talking points? Journolist lives, I guess.

Of course, as Scott has already noted, President and Mrs. Trump did in fact visit the troops in Iraq on Christmas. No word on whether Trump served the soldiers a plastic turkey–fake news from 2003, for those who might not remember.

In an amusing postscript, Alyssa Milano, a left-wing actress or former actress, tweeted condemnation of Trump’s failure to visit the troops after Trump had actually done so, as Brit Hume pointed out:

Which brought this rejoinder from Soledad O’Brien, a lovely woman in person but a complete idiot when it comes to politics. It’s a late entry in the Dumbest Tweet of 2018 sweepstakes:

To which Brit Hume replied, one more time:

Have we ever seen anything like President Trump’s ability to get into the heads of liberals and drive them mad? Here, he didn’t even have to try. He just visited soldiers in Iraq. The Democrats did the rest.

Meanwhile, what did the troops think of it?

Unlike the Democrats, they’re not crazy.


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