The Power Line Show, Ep. 103: Our New Year’s “Beatles Reunion”

I often joke that getting the Power Line “Fab Four”—John, Paul, George and Ringo, Scott and Steve—together at one time is as hard as getting The Beatles back together, and none of us has the excuse of being dead! But today we managed to get not only all four of us together for a year-end podcast, but we also roped in Power Line’s version of the Marvel Extended Universe, with our own “Yoko Ono,” Susan Vass (better known as “Ammo Grrrll”), and our version of Brian Epstein, our tech producer Joe Malchow. It was a bit tricky getting six of us together on a podcast from separate locations, and we had some technical challenges—in fact we lost Susan somehow about three-quarters of the way through. But she got her licks in before the Internet gremlins took her down.

In any case, I did manage to tape the show with my new t-shirt, as you can see nearby.

We reviewed a few loose ends from the political news of 2018, talked about the politics of Silicon Valley, took a number of reader questions (sorry we weren’t able to get to more of them), and made predictions for 2019, which hopefully no one will write down because they will surely be wrong, as most predictions are. Ignore the argument at the end between Steve and Joe about which California appellation produces the best red wines. Joe is wrong.

As usual, listen or download from the link below, or from our hosts at Ricochet. And how about this for a New Year’s resolution: Become a Power Line VIP member, a Ricochet member, and a subscriber to Power Line in iTunes (and leave a 5-star review, please!), or by RSS feed.

Happy new year everyone.


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