Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll dubs them REPULSI-CANS. She writes:

I really want to know where I can go to get a gig as a pretend Democrat attacking other Democrats on television? Would that be a dream job, or what?

There was chipmunk-cheeked Ana Navarro, on election night 2016, who was terribly excited about the pending, in-the-bag defeat of Donald J. Trump, as “sweet sweet justice” when Hispanics would get to deal him the mortal blow. Not being one who ever watches televised Pravda-like news, silly me, I didn’t even know who the heck she was. Or, more accurately, who the “hack” she was.

And imagine my surprise, then, to see the chyron under her name describing her as not only the Professionally Hispanic Diversity Drone on the panel, but also a REPUBLICAN. Who wanted the Republican candidate for President to be defeated! Say what?

And just a few weeks ago, our Ana announced that she would vote for Gillum because DeSantis was nothing but a Trump “mini-me.” Ooooh, good one, Ana. Tough noogies, o fake Republican — DeSantis won. Eventually.

Ah, I am so old that Chet Huntley and David Brinkley – on the only network we got in Alexandria when I was growing up – read the news in a sober fashion and, reputedly, one was a Republican and one a Democrat, and we never had any idea which was which, because…wait for it…they were actual JOURNALISTS. Remember when that was a thing? They had gone to schools in which they were taught to be “objective” and “unbiased” and “neutral” to the best of their ability. Isn’t that a quaint and hilarious notion?

But anyway sometimes on those old-timey news shows there would be a panel with a Democrat who would express opinions on behalf of the Democrat Party and there would always also be a Republican who would represent the views of the Republican Party in a collegial and civil fashion. If there was ever a Republican featured whose sole purpose was to ATTACK other Republicans, I must have missed it.

So this is a whole new page in the Pravda playbook. It involves employing aging hacks like another pretend Republican and former Israel supporter, Jennifer Rubin. You know, old Karl Marx got most things wrong in his disastrous tome, but one thing is true: there is a “logic” involved in taking political positions. Little Jenny can start out abhorring DJT’s “tone” and, if Orange Man Bad is her sole motivation for everything, and Orange Man is a staunch supporter of Israel, she can end up in the same camp as vicious anti-Semites and anti-Israel activists.

And a whole lot of other Never Trumpers can end up in that same boat, cruise ship, whatever.

The news shows must think that having a pretend Republican attack Republicans really impresses the average Republican. I can’t speak for all conservatives, certainly, but to me, the very idea is REPULSIVE, not impressive. I hold Loyalty – to family, friends, country – to be an important virtue. I don’t think most people of integrity much prize loud-mouthed turncoats. Collecting their 30 pieces of silver to talk trash about former allies. Especially in what is clearly a winner-take-all cultural war.

It’s one thing to just be honest and upfront. When I realized that the Democrat Party – for which I had voted for over 30 years – had morphed into something unrecognizable and unsupportable in the areas of abortion, immigration, attitude toward Israel, and First and Second Amendment rights, I did not try to monetize my disgust by continuing to pretend I was a Democrat while loudly and viciously attacking every single plank of the Party. No. I just concluded: “I guess I am no longer a Democrat. So I must be a Republican. Holy Cow! Mom and Dad will be so pleased.” And then I registered Republican and got on with my life.

Mr. AG and I both lost work because of it and a few – not many – friends. One friend, a great guy who thought he was being amusing, remained friends but introduced us at dinner parties as “These guys are Republicans, but they are NICE Republicans.” Uh, okay, not like those other troglodytes. Cute.

Ms. Navarro, Ms. Rubin, and a raft of Never Trumpers should face the mirror one day and intone, “Well Hell’s bells, I’ve turned into a gun-grabbing, border-erasing, cheap labor-loving globalist, terrified of the climate. I must now be a Democrat!”

But evidently, there’s not much money in that since all the good official Democrat hack gigs are already either taken by entrenched Democrat hacks or not available to anyone who can’t check at least two Professional Victim Boxes. Where’s a nouveau hack to go to find work?

Since I don’t watch television, I need people to tell me if any news outlet employs fake DEMOCRATS who attack the Democrats, or if this is just a Republican job opportunity. Occasionally, Alan Dershowitz disagrees with the Democrats on silly things like presumption of innocence or the right to confront one’s accusers, and that takes courage. But, to my knowledge, he doesn’t specifically attack the Democrat Party. Which is a shame, and I think he should come over to the “dark side” where, as the joke t-shirt says, “we have cookies.” But I kind of admire both his misguided loyalty to his Party and his integrity for departing from the Party line when it violates Constitutional rules of law or the norms of human decency. I think when the chips are down he will eventually be on our side. Ana definitely will not.

Ana and Jenny have the right to bloviate all they want about anything as long as they make no invidious comparisons about Valerie Jarrett’s looks. But why they get to continue to claim to be Republican surely violates all “truth in advertising” standards.

I understand that there was some sort of petition asking for redress of this grievance, signed by many prominent actual Republicans. It apparently had no effect. So the Repulsi-cans blather on. Oh well, from the few times I have chanced to hear either woman yakking, I think we can safely say that their sphere of influence must be close to that of Kathy “Severed Head” Griffin, but well below that of Cher or Lena Dunham. Which is to say, nobody cares and probably either changes channels or puts the telly on “Mute.”

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