Trump: Build the Wall, Or Else!

Over the last 24 hours, President Trump has unleashed a series of tweets on illegal immigration and the Southern border. Here they are:

I agree that the issue is a winner for the GOP. More on that later.

Trump is right. Our immigration laws are ridiculous, in that they are not rationally designed to serve the interests of American citizens. I think most voters understand this.

I am not sure that linking trade with the border wall makes much sense, but the broader point is correct: illegal immigration into the U.S. is facilitated and encouraged by the Mexican government, because Mexico’s economy benefits greatly from money sent back to Mexico by Mexicans working illegally in the U.S. Meanwhile, Mexico has tight controls on its own borders.

Once again, Trump is correct. The “caravans” that have besieged our southern border in a direct attack on our nation’s sovereignty exist with the aid and sufferance of the governments of Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico, as well as leftists of various stripes. We should defend American interests by retaliating against those governments. Enough is enough.