Witless at Twitter

Terry Teachout is a learned gentleman and one of my favorite reviewers. Following him on Twitter, I saw yesterday that his account had been hacked by jerks who used it to send out vulgar and racist tweets under his name. His hackers, it turns out, want him to pay a ransom. Teachout tells the story at About Last Night in “Home invasion.”

He has re-upped on Twitter @terryteachout1. Twitter, however, has done less than nothing to earn his continued patronage. Having sought help from Twitter Support, Teachout was advised: “We’ve investigated the reported account and have determined that it is not in violation of Twitter’s impersonation policy. In order for an account to be in violation…it must portray another person…in a misleading or deceptive manner.”

In the spirit of e.e. cummings, I wonder. Q: how stupid can a social media unworld get? A: stupider.


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