Acosta accosted

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway took questions from the press in advance of President Trump’s Oval Office speech last night. C-SPAN has posted Conway’s 13-minute exchange with reporters here.

Insanely smug and offensive, CNN’s Jim Acosta taunted Conway in his patented style. “Can you promise that the president will tell the truth tonight? Will he tell the truth?” Acosta asked as Conway spoke with reporters about the speech outside the White House. Bob Fredericks covers the story here for the New York Post.

Getting personal, Acosta further taunted Conway with her reference to “alternative facts” way back when. “I’m not the one that has the alternative facts problem like you do. Will the president tell the truth?”

You want to get personal, Jim? Conway can do personal.

I watched the video of Conway responding to the twit on Twitter a few times yesterday. Does Acosta know or care what hit him? I doubt it. I thought that readers who hadn’t seen it might nevertheless enjoy it or at least find it of interest. Conway’s exchange with Acosta is excerpted in the video below.