“Deep Dive” on Universities

I’m in Los Angeles right now, taping two different Fox News panel shows. Last night I taped an episode of “Deep Dive,” which is a show for Fox’s new online streaming service FoxNation—you can sign up for a free trial subscription here. The show has a rotating host, drawn chiefly from the ranks of Wall Street Journal writers and editors, though last night’s taping was hosted by Fox’s own Steve Hilton. The other panelists were Bill Bennett, who needs no introduction, and Lauren Cooley, who covers higher education news for the Washington Examiner. We beat up on the campus left good and hard.

I am told the show is running today (Monday) at noon Pacific time, but I can’t seem to nail this time down online. Anyway, if you are a Fox Nation subscriber, tune in! (And stay tuned for updates here on the other show, taping later today.) Here’s a set pic: