Ilhan Omar carries on

The Star Tribune is the hometown newspaper of international superstar and Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar. As a state legislator she was the subject of the documentary Time For Ilhan. Hey, does anybody really know what time it is?

The Star Tribune has given Omar celebrity treatment at every step of her career since the moment in 2016 when she won the primary to represent a heavily Somali district in the Minnesota legislature.

By contrast, the Star Tribune has prominently displayed on its home page every national story coming over the wires with an anti-Trump twist. The AP’s mostly false report on the boys of Covington Catholic in “Students in ‘MAGA’ hats mock Native American rally” is a recent example.

As of this morning, the Star Tribune has made no mention of Omar’s libelous tweet falsely defaming the boys of Covington Catholic. It hasn’t reported Omar’s defense of the so-called Black Hebrew Israelites hate group. It hasn’t bothered to let readers know that Omar published the Covington Catholic libel to some 450,000 followers who shed their brain cells to keep up with her. It hasn’t noted Omar’s deletion of her libelous tweet yesterday without retraction, explanation or apology.

The Star Tribune has also failed to report on Omar’s continued self-embarrassment. For this news we must turn to the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz. Doing the job that the Star Tribune refuses to do, Rutz brings us up to date in “Ilhan Omar Continues Showing World Who She Is With Bizarre Twitter Display.”

Rutz’s account features yet another deleted tweet by Omar, this one responding to a critic who preserved her libelous tweet for the record (screenshot below).

Rutz comments:

Wait. What?

Linking to a conservative account that archived her earlier gobbledygook for posterity, she called the person a “hypocrite” for sharing the tweet full of “misinformation.” Again, a tweet she had written and did not apologize for sending, but nevertheless acknowledged was false.

As for the “own the libs” comment, I have no idea. As for the sentence, “If the issue was misinformation, then don’t separate that same misinformation,” I also have no idea.

Turns out she was “whipping votes” and the situation was “handled,” whatever that means.

Rutz’s comment draws on Omar’s explanation below. Analyze this: