Rudy Giuliani: “I never said…”

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN for a little roughhousing with Chris Cuomo yesterday. All over the news is Giuliani’s failure to deny that some on the Trump presidential campaign may have “colluded” with the friends of Vladimir Putin. I have posted Cuomo’s tweet with the video excerpt below.

Cuomo to the contrary notwithstanding, I believe that Trump himself has acknowledged the possibility while denying that he himself committed any such wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Giuliani’s non-denial here is all over the news and certainly betokens more to come.

While we await the dropping of this particular shoe, we might want to get to the bottom of the Clinton campaign’s collusion with the friends of Vladimir Putin via Christopher Steele and his cutouts including the Perkins Coie law firm and Fusion GPS (assuming the the Steele Dossier is taken at face value, as the FBI purportedly took it).