Week-End Thoughts

What do you do with a bunch of stray thoughts that don’t quite add up to Loose Ends? A new periodical category: Week-End Thoughts.

If you want an indication of how far down the road to superficial celebrity politics the Democrats have gone, consider the small pantheon of Democratic legends known by their three initials: FDR, JFK, LBJ, and now . . . AOC. Seriously, Democrats?

And all of her newfound fame isn’t going to her head or giving her a big ego. No, surely not. Oh, wait:

P.S. Who do you think Saturday Night Live will have first as a guest host—AOC or Beto?

• Here’s a thought for one more way Trump can drive Democrats out of their mind: he should propose that we build a solar-powered border wall as the first project of the Green New Deal. Solar cells could power up batteries for overnight flood lights.

Then he should double down and argue that reducing the flow of migrants into the country is a climate change policy, because each migrant from a poor country increases our greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t laugh: at the annual UN climate conferences the Chinese have long been demanding credits for reducing emissions by means of their population suppression policies of the last several decades. If it’s good enough for China, why shouldn’t it work for us, too? Paging Tom Friedman!

• A handful of my recent mischief-making tweets (if you’re not following, well, you know what to do):

Oh, Week in Pictures tomorrow is an extra long edition, and double-epic.


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