What Has Happened to the Left?

You wonder sometimes whether there are any sane liberals left. Every day the craziness seems to spin farther out of control. Today’s exhibit (one of many, actually) is law professor Larry Tribe, who was once spoken of as a likely Supreme Court nominee for a Democratic president. I knew Tribe when I was a law student and he was a young professor. He was a smart guy then. So, what went wrong? Check out this tweet from yesterday:

This is mind-numbingly stupid. Obviously the Senate Majority Leader has nothing to do with appointments to House committees. What could possess anyone–let alone a once-renowned law professor–to go so badly off the rails?

Normally you would suspect drunk tweeting, but Tribe’s tweet was at 4:00 in the afternoon. And anyway, even a high level of intoxication wouldn’t explain confusing the House and the Senate. I think the only explanation for the craziness we see from the Left, every day, is that liberals have become literally deranged by their hatred of Donald Trump–which, in many cases, is a personification of hatred for the United States, conservative principles, and so on. It is a very sad phenomenon.