Why is this woman laughing?

Senator Kamala Harris embodies the current state of the Democratic Party. She’s got the shibboleths and the bromides grievances and the identity markers down to a T. She has now taken the plunge into the contest for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination. She announced her candidacy yesterday and followed up with a speech before a large crowd in Oakland, California (video below, transcript here).

Oakland! What were once vices are now habits.

President Trump has induced a fever on the left, pushing the Democrats ever further toward the socialist dystopia. There is no serious Democratic politician who can stand against any leftist idiocy in principle.

I find Harris tough to take. She is a hater and a liar and a thug in the guise of a healer and savior. To borrow the line from Mark Twain, she has the confidence of a Christian with four aces. I ask why she is laughing in homage to the question that Esquire posed annually about Richard Nixon, but I know why she is laughing. We are going to have to learn to deal with her.