Nancy Pelosi’s Theological Illiteracy

Nancy Pelosi claims to be a Catholic. Charitably interpreted, that means her grandparents were Catholics; possibly even one or both of her parents. But Pelosi has not even a nodding acquaintance with Christian doctrine. The latest example, via PJ Media, is revealing. Remarkably, Pelosi was addressing an audience of Christian college and university presidents and administrators. Is “chutzpah” a Catholic term of art?

After a brief, self-deprecating introduction, Speaker Pelosi launched into the religious pandering portion of her speech. Saying, “I can’t find it in the Bible” even though she claims she keeps “reading and reading,” Pelosi shared her favorite verse with an audience that consisted mainly of Christian college and university presidents and administrators. The verse, which “is supposed to be in Isaiah,” according to the speaker, is, “To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.”

What’s funny about this is not just the fact that nothing remotely like that quote appears in Isaiah or any other book of the Bible. More fundamentally, the sentiment is entirely wrong. 2,800 years ago, no one was worried about “the needs of God’s creation,” other than the needs of us human beings. Gentry environmentalism is a 20th century phenomenon. And left-wing Earth-worship (or, more properly, government crony-and-Democratic-Party-enrichment-worship) has nothing to do with Christianity.

But as we all know, the Left’s religion is not Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam–all of which are antithetical to key elements of the Left’s agenda. The Left’s religion is government power. Nancy Pelosi should stop pretending.