Off to CPAC!

I’ll be attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C., starting tomorrow night. I will be representing Center of the American Experiment; we will have a booth, and one of my staffers is coming along (as is my wife). I will try to report periodically.

Tomorrow night I will be on Sky News in Australia with Andrew Bolt, talking about the upcoming Mueller report. On Thursday I will do a couple of podcasts–Bill Bennett’s and Dave Sussman’s Whiskey Politics. Thursday at 5:00, we are hosting a happy hour for CPAC attendees with a Minnesota connection. Along the way we will be meeting up with a number of friends, including Paul of course. And we will see President Trump address the conference on Saturday morning.

Just for fun, we will do periodic behind-the-scenes updates on Facebook Live. You can see them on the Center’s Facebook page. My colleague, Pari Cariaga, did this introductory Facebook video this afternoon:

If you follow the Center on Facebook, or check in on our page periodically, you can follow what’s happening at CPAC. And I will post here on anything that is of general interest.