The Week in Pictures: Green Nude Eel Edition

The fascination with every twitch and Tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—”the moral equivalent of Gore,” as our friend Richard Samuelson calls her—is one of the compelling mysteries of our time, along with the absence of the Cambridge Comma. If there’s an Oxford Comma, why isn’t there also a Cambridge Comma? Or maybe it has merely been overtaken by what I call the “Shatner-Walken Comma,” which runs something like: “What, do you mean, a Cambridge, comma? All you, need, is more, cowbell. And, Yeoman Rand.” But I digress. It ought to be pretty obvious by now that AOC is to unintelligence what Ilhan Omar is to mendacity. And as for the Green Nude Eel, or Green New Deal, or whatever Nancy Pelosi calls it, I say Boo. Cows say, Mooo! (And hat tip to Sarah Hunt for the headline suggestion.)

Headlines of the week:

All the basic needs of life under one roof.

And finally. . .