Woke Bowl?

Rumor has it that we’ll see anti-American kneeling during the halftime show of today’s Super Bowl. My guess is we will also see obnoxiously liberal, “social justice”-oriented ads aired throughout the game. Football isn’t what it used to be!

But why should we be surprised? America isn’t what it used to be. Corporate human resources and marketing departments are almost monolithically liberal, and the bigger the company, the more likely the CEO is to be a liberal, too. Hence the liberal ads that likely will infest today’s broadcast.

For the last 10 to 20 years–at least–America’s youth has been systematically mis-educated, first in colleges and universities and now in high schools and elementary schools. The thrust of this mis-education is Marxist, anti-American, pro-government, tribal and socialist. We are reaping the bitter fruit of the leftist takeover of our institutions.

Even football! As an antidote, here is one ad that you won’t be seeing today, because it was rejected by CBS. It takes off from the end of Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad, which concluded with the words, “So don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they are crazy enough.” The ad promotes Nine Line Apparel:

Nine Line’s web site features clothing like this:

That logo reminds me of the Patriots’ logo, backward. By the way, that is one more reason to root for the Patriots: they may or may not actually be patriots, but at least their name implies that patriotism is a good thing.