A resolution for Omar

As I’ve been saying right along, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to her constituents in Minneapolis and the rest of the Fifth District. In office just a little over a month, she has already elicited a resolution that will come to the House floor tomorrow. The draft resolution condemns anti-Semitic statements of the kind Omar has recently trafficked in (embedded below via Scribd).

I tracked down the draft of the resolution obtained by Politico and linked in Politico Playbook. The Star Tribune covers the story short of the resolution here. The draft resolution does not call out Omar by name. Rather, it addresses the dual loyalty smear that Omar has employed to disparage supporters of Israel.

Omar has much more where that came from, but she has gotten under the skin of a few of her colleagues with that one. As I put it in a column for City Journal even before the Fifth District primary that brought us Omar last year, Omar raises in acute form a question for Democrats. Omar needs to be censured and removed from her committee assignments.

Forgive me for repeating myself. Ilhan Omar is a disgrace.

UPDATE: David Harsanyi characterizes the resolution as a disgrace as well.

Download by Scott Johnson on Scribd