After Hours at CPAC: Plus, the Night Stalker

Last Thursday evening at CPAC, Center of the American Experiment, Minnesota’s principal conservative organization, sponsored a happy hour for conference attenders with a Minnesota connection. We also invited my friend Dave Sussman, who hosts the excellent Whiskey Politics podcast. And, to my delight, Dave brought along his friend Michael Ramirez, by common consent the world’s greatest political cartoonist and one of my personal heroes.

Dave took the opportunity to do a joint interview with Michael Ramirez and me, right there in the barbecue restaurant/bar in the midst of our Minnesota happy hour. The result was, I think, a lively conversation. Dave has now posted the podcast at Whiskey Politics; this is the YouTube video version. First the video, then some comments about the participants. The Night Stalker? You have to watch to the end to get the reference:

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. During the interview, Michael mentioned an orange jump suit cartoon that he was working on. Here it is; click to enlarge:

Dave Sussman is a good guy who gets a lot of top-notch guests for his Whiskey Politics podcast. (Sad to say, he doesn’t actually drink all that much whiskey.) If you want to follow Whiskey Politics, go here and follow one of the “subscribe” options in the upper right-hand corner. I should mention that Whiskey Politics is produced by Praemonitus Communications, which is to say the lovely Melissa Praemonitus, a/k/a Melissa Dawdy. I think I “knew” Melissa for a year or two on the internet before I figured out the two Melissas are the same person.

Anyway, these are great people going very good work to advance the common-sense conservative cause. I commend them to you!