Stupidity of the Green New Deal, Video Version

On Fox Business earlier this evening, I talked with host Liz McDonald about the fatuity of the Green New Deal, which is not a plan but rather a wish list. The nearest analogy, I think, is a child’s letter to Santa Claus.

Our friends at Clear Energy Alliance have sprung into the breach with several videos that cover the basics of why the Green New Deal is so dumb. You can watch them all at the linked site. Here is video number three of a projected six-video series:

Green New Deal: Impossible

And this is number four, released earlier today. It makes the point that the Green New Deal is not actually about energy:

Green New Deal: Not About Energy

To the extent anyone can make sense of it, the Green New Deal would cost something like $90 trillion, which is about equal to all of the household wealth in the United States. It works out to around $65,000 per family per year, which–wouldn’t you know it!–is about equal to the average family’s annual income. Who said the socialists don’t want all your money?

I actually think the Green New Deal is a break for conservatives. Few have been willing to take on the leftist “green energy” juggernaut, even though anyone who pays attention knows it is a colossal fraud–the 21st century equivalent of the South Sea Bubble. By being absurd on its face, the Green New Deal creates an opportunity for conservatives to initiate rational conversations about energy and the environment. Which, of course, we have been trying to do here for a long time.