The Week in Pictures: Mueller Time at Last!

Finally, we have white smoke from the Justice Department chimney! Habemus Muelleri Reportam!  But what’s in it? Right now the speculation is the report has so little red meat that vegans could swallow it. Mueller? Mueller? Anyone?  But this is just a Deep State distraction from how pathetic the Democratic 2020 presidential field is. Has there ever been a more perfect Democratic candidate than Beto? He is the ultimate self-referential candidate, the apotheosis of modern liberalism whose premises lead to the goal of every man being his own tyrant, bending reality to his will. I can’t get enough of this guy. Although Bernie and Lizzy are a barrel of fun, too. I can’t wait for the Dem debates and primaries to begin.

This tweet didn’t age well.

Headlines of the week (and boy did Florida Man work overtime this week):

And finally . . .