Unanswered Prayers

Should we enjoy the misery of liberals who feel let down–not to say betrayed–by the Mueller fizzle? Of course we should! Here is some more delicious schadenfreude, via the Portland Monthly of December 2018: “The Hottest Gift This Holiday Season Is a Robert Mueller Devotional Candle.” With the sub-headline “Let us pray to our Patron Saint of Plea Deals.”

What’s the hottest gift this holiday season? An L.O.L. Surprise doll? A Nintendo Switch? Fortnite llama swag?

No, you fool. It’s a Robert Mueller devotional candle.

Behold: the Special Counsel’s sturdy face, looking zen AF. Now imagine: a flickering flame above him, ushering in indictments and flipping Trump cronies like Sunday-morning pancakes. As it burns, evidence of collusion mounts.

Heh. Here are some of the “devotional candles.”

We shouldn’t be surprised. If it weren’t for false gods, the Left wouldn’t have any gods at all. But, you may wonder: even though the Portland Monthly says they have been “selling faster than plea deals,” did anyone actually buy a Robert Mueller devotional candle?

Yes, indeed they did. The actress Patricia Arquette, for one. She talked about it on the Stephen Colbert show, just over a week ago. No doubt Robert Mueller candles are being hurled into trash cans across America. Schadenfreude is sweet.


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