An Update on Herbert Meyer

I’m still not done with my long road trip that is keeping me from new posts here, but not to worry—the Week in Pictures will appear tomorrow morning around 7:30 eastern time as always; also, on Tuesday I taped what I think is going to be one of our best podcasts ever, one of my “origin story” formats with William B. Allen.  But before I rush off to today’s wrestlemania at Berkeley I want to pass along news about our great friend Herbert Meyer.

As you may recall, Herb suffered a serious bicycle accident several months ago. This morning his son Tom passes along this update, and directs our attention to a terrific video of one of Herb’s last speeches:

As some of you may know, we recently passed the six-month anniversary of Herb Meyer’s bicycle accident. The most important news is also the worst: He’s still unconscious and comatose. Though the doctors are adamant that they cannot make an accurate prognosis during the first year, the chances for (and likely quality of) recovery diminish with each passing month. Some hope remains — and we would appreciate your continued prayers for our family — but we are heartbroken.

Dad’s non-neurological injuries have healed well. At present, his body is as healthy as one could expect for someone in his condition, though this could all change very quickly. His trauma care was superb and we’re satisfied with (but vigilant of) his continuing care. As far as the doctors can tell, he is not suffering or in pain, which is an enormous consolation.

We still don’t know what caused the accident — Dad’s the only known witness — but we haven’t exhausted the investigation. Given the position he was found in, it’s unlikely a car was involved, which means the most likely candidates are that he suffered a mild stroke at the worst possible moment, that there was some mechanical problem with the bike, or that he swerved to miss an animal in the road. But this is all speculation.

If you’re interested in helping preserve Herb’s message and legacy, we only recently discovered a recording of one of his last major speeches, which is linked below.

Not only is the video/audio quality excellent, he’s in superb form: No notes, a full command of his audience, and a rational message of hope for the future. It’s a hell of a speech and a great thing to share.

As a reminder, you can listen to my podcast with Herb from a few years back here.


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