Papadopoulos: Oh, yeah, there was spying

George Papadopoulos is the author of Deep State Target, just published last month. He must reside somewhere close to the origin of the spying on the Trump campaign conducted by the FBI — as a subject, not as a perpetrator. Byron York tracked him down last week for a podcast laying out his story “in crazy detail,” as the summary rightly has it. Long story short:

In this interview, George Papadopoulos describes –in crazy detail– why he believes a series of shady figures recorded him when he was he was working for the Trump campaign. Plus, why did so many foreign spooks want to buy him a drink? The answers to this and more in this episode of the Byron York show.

My friend recommending the podcast to me is not given to overstatement. He calls it “interesting stuff.” I say it is worth your time (90 minutes). Maybe the New York Times will get around to the story some time in 2021.