Whitehouse’s blacklist

What is it with Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse? During the Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle, he showed himself to be a killer clown (if you can imagine a killer clown doing his thing with haughty grandiosity). Like the rest of his colleagues on the Democratic side of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the man operates without a conscience. I wrote about him several times in posts collected here.

Whitehouse recently turned in another such performance in connection with the confirmation of Neomi Rao to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Adam White now tells the story in “Whitehouse’s Blacklist: Why Does Senator Whitehouse Keep Lying About Neomi Rao?” White illustrates his long post with a photograph of Joe McCarthy, which is probably more appropriate in this case than the image of a killer clown. I commend White’s excellent Medium post to your attention. White speaks authoritatively on a subject he knows from personal knowledge.

Via Ramesh Ponnuru/National Review.