Can Democrats Pull Impeachment Out of the Hat?

It looks like impeachment hysteria is here to stay, at least until November 2020. The Democrats didn’t get what they were hoping for from the Mueller report, so why are they persisting with pointless “investigations” and talk about impeachment?

Two reasons, I think. First, they have successfully used hatred of President Trump to keep their base stirred up. If they start treating Trump as a normal president, people might notice the booming economy and other accomplishments of his administration. They have no choice but to keep the hysteria dialed up to 11, regardless of how silly their theories are.

Second, they are worried about what the ongoing investigations of the FBI, the CIA and the origins of the Russia hoax will reveal. By last August, twenty-five FBI employees had been fired or resigned over the Russia fiasco and related matters. There is a reason for that. Multiple investigations are taking place, and I think the first one, by the DOJ’s Inspector General, will wrap up in the near future. More disclosures, and perhaps indictments, will follow over the next year. The Democrats, believing that the best defense is a good offense, are trying to fill the newspapers with allegations of Trump misdeeds so as to deflect attention from the real scandal.

Today, Michael Ramirez linked to Scott’s Steamed In the Rose Garden, accompanied by this cartoon. Click to enlarge:


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