DiGenova looks ahead

Attorney General Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday offered a preview of coming attractions. He means to get to the bottom of the “spying” conducted by the Obama administration on the Trump presidential campaign. How did it begin? What’s it all about? What was going on? Did it involve abuse of the FISA system?

Of course, you had to tune out the Democratic static and listen to Barr’s exchanges with Republican members to pick up the preview, but it was unmistakably there. The Democrats’ hysteria reflects something more than motiveless malignity; Barr is the Attorney General Democrats should fear.

In a recent appearance appearing on FOX News’s Ingraham Angle, Joe diGenova offered a related preview of his own. Mike Huckabee was the guest host; he wrote about the segment here George Parry wrote about the segment for the American Spectator in “Listen to Joe diGenova.” Subtitle: “And in the case of the Obama anti-Trump brigade, be very afraid.” I have posted the video to which Parry links below. The FISA court findings to which diGenova alludes are in opinion and order here (Parry recommends pages 82 and following and also highlights diGenova’s praise of former NSA Director Mike Rogers for blowing the whistle on the illegal spying called out by Judge Collyer).

DiGenova asserts certain nonpublic information as a matter of fact: “The FISA court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings,” and so on. DiGenova is not just a former United States Attorney, according to Parry, he is also former counsel to the FISA court itself. He may well have the knowledge he claims to possess, some of which involves imminent developments. Looking around online, however, one can see that diGenova made a similar prediction a year ago (video here at RealClearPolitics). With respect to his current preview, one can only say let it be.