Illegal immigrants won’t be sent to Florida after all

Over the weekend, I wrote about the Trump administration’s plan to send a thousand illegal immigrants per month to Southern Florida to relieve the overcrowded and unsustainable conditions on the U.S.-Mexico border. The move brought howls of protests from officials in the two Democrat-controlled counties where the immigrants were to be sent. More importantly, perhaps, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican and ardent Trump supporter, also objected to the move.

Now, the Trump administration has decided not to go through with the plan. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan says that sending the immigrants to Florida would not be a “cost effective use of resources.”

Maybe not. However, border patrol officials say they have apprehended an average of 4,500 people each day along the southwest border recently. At this rate, I don’t see how they can all be held in border states. They will have to be sent elsewhere.

They should be sent back across the border, but current law won’t allow it. Current law is an ass. At some point, given the emergency the nation faces at its border, President Trump may be sorely tempted to violate it.