Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll doesn’t really think THE 2020 ELECTION IS ALREADY OVER! She writes:

Well, it’s official, my friends. Some no-name polling outfit – Lying4DemocratsRUs? – has done a, like, totally scientific poll that showed Slow Joe Biden 5 points ahead of President Trump. In my ARIZONA!! Goodness gracious, what a harbinger of things to come if he can’t even win a Deplorable-Filled, Gun-Totin’ State like AZ. They are already speculating about how PDT is going to make up those lost electoral votes. Talk about premature prognostication.

Not only that, but Hillary has a 98 percent chance of winning. Oh wait. I’m sorry. THAT, like, even MORE totally scientific poll was the NIGHT BEFORE the 2016 election, not a year and a half in advance. YouTube “Election Night 2016” and watch the malevolent moronic media me-monsters chortling with glee at their rosy predictions. And then when the actual results come in, watch them crumple like the witch in The Wizard of Oz when doused with water. I try to do it at least once a week. It’s better than Prozac as an anti-depressant.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment from that night. Was it smirky little Rachel confidently informing her acolytes that “even if Trump has HIS BEST NIGHT EVER” that he just had no possible path to 270 and was doomed to lose? Or was it the hyperactive little toadie with his map of all 57 of the states, pointing out that IF things went particularly badly for Bad Orange Man that he could even lose Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and South Carolina in Hillary’s Historic March to the Greatest Beatdown Ever? Comedy gold, my friends, comedy gold.

One particularly hilarious point not really highlighted in that absurd Arizona poll is that Biden was the ONLY candidate that even stood a chance. Only an old hair-sniffing, handsy white male retread whose son became a billionaire while Daddy was in office has any chance to unseat the incumbent. None of the Irritating Identicrats can possibly win.

Who wants to vote for women who eat salad with combs and abuse their staff, or tannish women who clawed their way to fame and fortune the old-fashioned way by sleeping with married kingmaker politicians, or a gay mayor of an unlivable city who thinks America isn’t all that great now or ever, or a semi-hysterical Spartacus impressionist?

Any of these Intersectional Slot-Fillers would be but minor footnotes in history against Trump. Kind of like George McGovern without the gravitas and military service. Plus, I think even though McGovern had some mildly silly planks in his platform, I never knew him to be anything but a sweet South Dakota guy, whereas the 2020 crop of Democrat contenders are mostly snarling, vicious, hateful snipers or rich, senile totalitarians. Or both.

This is the first prong in the Left’s 3-prong strategy to undo the 2016 election disaster: keep doing fake polls that prove to regular Americans that they might as well stay home because there is no hope. It’s over. America lovers: DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. In the timeless words of poet Dylan Thomas who was talking about actual death, not just the death of our Republic: “Do not go gentle into that good night; Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.”

Nattering Nancy inadvertently telegraphed the second prong. When my little sister was 3 and I was 8, we were playing Hide-N-Seek in our house. When it was her turn to hide, she said, “Don’t look behind the davenport because that’s where I am going to hide.” Naturally, we thought that was pretty cute. As I said, she was 3.

But when Nancy prattles on and on about her bogus “fear” that Trump won’t abide by the outcome of the 2020 election, she might as well have tattooed on her neck in the manner of her MS-13 homies, “WE INTEND TO CHEAT. OPENLY, PROUDLY AND MUCHLY. But, you Deplorable Racists and Trump better not question the results.”

I am told that in Tucson there are currently – it probably changes by hundreds a day – 7,000 MORE illegal aliens than already resided there. Seven thousand extra “harvested” votes is a lot to overcome even in a proud Red State like my Arizona. It does little good, of course, to stash their illegals in Deep Blue states like California and New York. Since we live in a Republic with the Electoral College the losing losers pledge to abolish unless they spread out the cheating, it will do them no good if all the same electoral votes go to Trump 2020.

Every time there has been a Republican in the White House – Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., W, and now Trump – the Chicken Little Caucus has squawked that the Republican President will fail to vacate the premises when his term is over. There was even an SNL sketch about Nancy Reagan hanging on to doorknobs and having to be carried out of the White House like cordwood. Never mind that it’s never happened. Without fail, the First Family has packed up its stuff and left with its dignity and the White House silver intact. Well, the Nixons left rather more prematurely and the Clintons grabbed as many souvenirs as they could carry. Their dignity sailed decades ago on a ship called The Blue Dress.

The third prong of the Left’s brilliant election strategy is just the time-honored “chicken in every pot” promise – only this time the football-team of candidates (24 and counting…) is vying to see who can promise the most absurd number of freebies. Absolutely free college! Major in Transgender Studies and stay for 12 years! Free income for life! Work is for the suckers who will pay for you! Free birth control – what kind of Republican racists demand you pay $9.00 a month for birth control out of your own pockets?! Why, in a calendar year, you might have to do with one less tattoo! Free health care to any sick person who can stagger across any border! And you think the ER is fun now!?

One prong I bet we don’t see this time around is a large number of unhinged celebrities threatening again to leave the country when Trump is reelected. If any of these egotists had an iota of self-awareness, it should have been mortifying when the Deplorable electorate saw mass celebrity defection as a bonus, not a threat, and voted accordingly.

Such a pity they are also pathological liars and stayed put.