Another Own-Goal by the Left

No sooner do I point out leftist hypocrisy and cluelessness about the minimum wage yesterday than I run across another side-splitting example of liberal hilarity in action. Check out this ad for an “inequality deputy editor” at The New Republic (a former magazine):

The highlighted part, 29.5 hours a week, is just short of the 30 hours that under law require you to offer benefits, as the ad makes explicitly clear. Some inequality, no? Maybe the management wanted this “inequality editor”—excuse me, that’s “deputy” inequality editor to you, mister!—to have that old “new journalism” feel by suffering actual inequality with the other non-deputy fully-benefitted editors on staff at The New Republic (a former magazine).

In the age of social media, you can imagine how long this lasted:

Follow up question: If I’m a full-time. 40-hour a week editor, I’m going to ask management why the part-time employee gets the same fringe benefits? This equality stuff is really hard.

P.S. The New Republic really was must-reading back in the 1970s through the 1990s. Now it is a sad joke.