Reminder: We Are an Amazon Affiliate!

As you may know, Amazon has an “Affiliates” program where if someone accesses through a link on your web site, you get a small percentage of any purchases made on that visit. There is no additional cost to the shopper. We were an Amazon affiliate years ago, but our relationship lapsed for reasons that I don’t remember.

As our advertising revenue has dropped precipitously for reasons that remain mysterious, we are looking for additional ways to make a (very) modest income from this site. Toward that end, we have renewed our relationship with Amazon. There is now an Amazon button on our right sidebar that links to If you are planning on buying something at Amazon, we would appreciate it if you would access their site through our link. Doing so will, in a small way, support our work on this site.

In addition to using the link in our sidebar, you can click on this one to go to Amazon: