Ted Cruz Wants to Know

I wrote here about the explosive Project Veritas report on Google’s left-wing bias, which featured testimony from a whistleblower and surreptitious video of a Google executive, along with some company documents. There was a follow-up, which I wrote about here, involving a Google “transparency and ethics” group that characterized Dennis Prager, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as “Nazis.”

Yesterday the Senate Commerce Committee held a hearing on tech companies’ use of algorithms, in which Senator Ted Cruz questioned Google’s User Experience Director (if I caught her title correctly), Maggie Stanphill. Cruz asked her about the Project Veritas report, of which she disclaimed any knowledge. To be fair, Ms. Stanphill probably wasn’t in a position to answer some of Cruz’s questions. But before long, someone at Google will have to be more responsive. Here is the video, definitely worth your time: