The Power Line Show, Ep 128: Scott on the Noor Sentencing, and, What Kind of Country Do We Have Anyway?

This week’s two-part episode features our own Scott Johnson reporting on the verdict today in the Mohammed Noor case, and then we shift focus dramatically, talking with Prof. Joshua Dunn of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Matthew Peterson, vice president for educational programs at the Claremont Institute, about the latest bitter internecine fight on the right about “David Frenchism.” I didn’t know this was even a thing, but the very impressive Sohrab Ahmari thinks there is, and has stirred up a ferocious debate.

But the conversation quickly turns to one of the underlying issues behind the recurring debate on the right—namely, what kind of country are we? Are we a classical civic republic depending on and dedicated to promoting a virtuous citizenry deliberately, or are we a classical liberal republic closer to Rand Paul’s ideal world? This is not a new debate, but it has fresh salience at the moment.

You know what to do.