Alex Acosta resigns

Alex Acosta has resigned his position as Secretary of Labor. He tried to avoid this scenario by holding a press conference on Wednesday to explain the sweetheart deal he gave to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein 11 years ago.

Acosta didn’t perform badly at the conference. Many of his arguments seemed reasonable on the surface, though not upon scrutiny. However, Acosta failed to stem the tide of criticism against him and therefore, I suspect, to satisfy President Trump that he would not remain a political liability.

Pat Pizzella, the Deputy Secretary at DOL, will replace Acosta for now. I don’t know Pizzella personally; I have never even met him.

However, several conservative friends who know Pizzella well vouch for him in strong terms. One describes him as “a tremendous guy” and “very committed conservative.”

I think it’s fair to say that under Pizzella, the Trump DOL not only won’t miss a beat, it will pick up several. I expect the DOL finally to operate the way one would expect it to in a conservative Republican administration.