CNN Ratings Tank

I’ve been writing over the last few days about the fact that “get woke, go broke” doesn’t always apply to companies that pose as social justice warriors. On the other hand, CNN’s formula–obsessive, over the top Trump hatred, every day, all the time–has bombed. John Nolte has the numbers:

The far-left fake news outlet CNN came in 15th place in primetime during the previous quarter and lost nearly 20 percent of its already pathetic viewership.

Here are the prime time numbers for cable news channels:

Fox: 2.4 million
MSNBC: 1.67 million
CNN: 761,000

Compared with the second quarter last year, all three cable news networks are down, I assume because Trump hysteria has subsided somewhat. Fox is down 2% in prime time, MSNBC is down 4%, and CNN down 18%. It’s tough when you are already in third place and suffer by far the largest loss of audience.

Of course, MSNBC has historically been the farthest left cable network. Nolte says:

CNN is an unreliable and dishonest hate network obsessed with working out its psychosis against Trump and his supporters by going so far as to condone and encourage violence against them.

For all of MSNBC’s flaws, its anchors are nowhere near as dangerous or unstable.

I can’t comment, since I never watch cable news, except to note that our friend Hugh Hewitt has [rather, had] a show on MSNBC, so they have that much balance, at least.

In any event, it seems clear that CNN’s ratings collapse is a function of its utterly boring anti-Trump mania. I wrote quite a while ago that CNN could abandon its programming entirely, and instead simply post a placard that says “We hate Trump.” It is isn’t hard to see why such a boring message repels the audience.