Delayed and misled

We waited out the rain in Minneapolis to watch the Twins play the Rangers at Target Field last night. Getting into the stadium was a miserable experience. We stood in the rain in a line with no visible movement for over half an hour to make it into the stadium. Once the game got underway, however, the Twins made it worth the wait. They beat the Rangers 15-6 and played about as impressively on defense as on offense.

The Star Tribune reports that the Twins have just implemented a change in procedure intended to expedite admission through security into the stadium. Reporter Katie Galioto concludes her story with a quote from Twins public relations man Matt Hodson. Hodson told Galioto late last night that fans were “well-prepared” for the new policy and that long lines before the game moved swiftly enough that all fans were in the stadium by the time the game began.

We were in one of several long lines that moved so slowly we saw no movement for minutes at a time. Fans made it into the game before it began because it was delayed by rain. It started 72 minutes late. Galioto and Hodson leave that out.