Loose Ends (93)

 • This explains a lot: Bernie drank the Kool Aid (or is this just a booster shot?):

Isn’t Marianne Williamson wonderful? It appears that a lot of viewers think so. Here’s a before and after graph of Google searches for the Dem field from last night.

I think Williamson is like Herman Cain and Ben Carson in the last two GOP nomination cycles—a shiny new thing that generates a lot of excitement and perhaps even a surge in the polls, but not able to sustain it through an extended campaign.

 DNC chair Tom Perez apparently decided to borrow a page from late night comedy shows which often feature a warm-up comic to get the crowd going for the main event, but he decided to be insane instead of funny. Climate change is “a threat to our universe”?? The Media Research Center offers a short highlight reel here.

One of the claims made in the Democratic debate last night is that China is totally killing us when it comes to electric cars. Well tell that to Hong Kong, where the end of tax subsidies for Teslas produces a graph like this:

It’s official! I’m terrible! Someone says so on Twitter: