Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll hears what they are saying perfectly well: YOU ARE HORRIBLE – WHATEVER MAKES YOU THINK I DON’T LOVE YOU? She writes:

The Squawking Squad of Squealing Squirts wants us to know that America is a terrible evil place that is probably irredeemable. It may have a slim chance if we empty out all of Central America and swap those folks for our white Trump voters plus the conservatives of any color. (Which, parenthetically, would quickly turn Central America into a safe, prosperous, economic powerhouse within a few years…but that’s for another day.)

Then we must put people in charge of America who couldn’t run a Sno-Cone concession on the beach in August, let alone a country. (Pick any Democrat currently running…)

The Squawking Squad are of the “Hue” School of Thought made famous during the Vietnam War when some spokesman for the war actually said, “We had to destroy Hue in order to save it.” Only by utterly destroying every single institution, every scrap of history, the vibrant Trump economy, the precious rule of law, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and every last border can America save itself according to the Squawking Squad.

But God forbid any sane person should conclude that that means they kinda sorta hate America. Out come the vicious epithets that they believe end the argument: Racist! Sexist! Deplorable xenophobe! Poopy-pants! Censure! Hair on Fire! Sky Falling!

Imagine, if you will, this tedious behavior passing muster in a relationship. Pretend someone’s husband, or brother, or possibly both, says the following to his spouse:

“From the day you were born, you were hateful, racist, sexist, and supremacist. I have no idea why I ever thought being in a relationship with you was a good idea! There was never a time in your life when you were not full of hate and privilege. Nothing you do can ever make you a better person or redeem you, including voting in an unqualified black man. Twice. Sure, you have taken me into your home and fed me and educated me for free and paid for my health care but if you think that means you aren’t terrible, well, you have another think coming! Oh, and by the way, under no circumstances should you suggest that I should exercise my right to LEAVE you just because I tell you hourly how much I hate you. Saying that I am perfectly free to leave you is racist, sexist, etc. (see tedious list above). Staying with you and claiming I love what you COULD be shows just how tolerant and wonderful I am.”

How would THAT fly in a relationship?

From the time I heard the ridiculous phrase “of color,” I understood at once what that was about. Pretending that the history of black people in this country bore even the slightest resemblance to the situation of a recent illegal immigrant from El Salvador or a recent legal immigrant from Africa in order to enlarge the Grievance Pool was as fundamentally dishonest as it gets. Like a poor naive soul, I thought, “Well, this will never work,” but, of course, it did. We don’t get to VOTE on what the Grievance Mongers are going to call themselves in order to enlarge their base.

It goes without saying that a dark brown East Indian spelling bee champ, Jews from the Ukraine, Chinese people who cheat in school by studying, and the pale children of coal miners in Appalachia are, by definition “without color” and have no part in the “of color” spoils.

Two members of the Squirrely Squad do, indeed, appear to be “of color.” But what the hell “color” is AOC that she can yell “racism” at anyone else? I defy her to put her scrawny little arm next to my black-haired, brown-eyed Irish cousin’s or my husband’s Hungarian Jewish uncle’s and see whose “color” is darker. Okay, “Sandy” — which is what she was called at the bar — may have Puerto Rican ancestry, but that doesn’t change her COLOR any more than leopards can change their spots. Her color is beige at best. I guarantee she has never once been discriminated against in her entire life for being beige. My Afro-Honduran foster son used to favor a brand of clothing with the motto: “Love sees no color.” But that was then. Now, color is ALL we’re supposed to notice. That clothing would now be banned as racist.

The next person who tells me that something I think or say is “racist” I intend to answer with one word: “Good.” It will mean I must have something right. Because “raaacist” is the only thing that mental midgets can think of to hurl when rational argument has failed them. It has zero ability to affect me any more. If everything is racist, then nothing is.

You want to enforce a Day Without White People on campus? Think about that for a minute and realize how far the left has degenerated from the heady days of integration. Not even to mention Free Speech.

Fine. A Day Without White People – bring it. Then, let’s also have a day when nobody who is NOT white can use anything white people brought to the party – no electricity, no penicillin, no polio vaccine, no landline OR cell phone, no computers, no sewing machines, no automobiles, no air travel, no Bill of Rights, no printing press, no steam engine, no cotton gin, no radio, no movies, no television. Oh, and you can’t go to Disneyland either. That, of course, does not even begin to scratch the surface. But students wouldn’t know that – we don’t have a White History Year or a Jewish History Month or a Cis-Normative Male Contribution Decade, do we?

On that day, when no non-whites can use any of our contributions, the Scurrilous Squad can sit in the dark without Twitter – or a phone or computer or heat or air conditioning — and think about how terrible their lives are in this blessed land. That seems to be what they do best, anyway.