Understanding the Mueller miasma

NR’s Andrew McCarthy begins the first of two columns on what I have been calling the Mueller miasma with a reference to the “bumbling fiasco” of Mueller’s congressional testimony last week. The first column prepares the ground for McCarthy’s devastating exposition of the devious game played by Mueller’s team in the second column: “How Mueller’s Lawyers Spun the OLC Guidance on Indicting a Sitting President.”

My friend Mr. McCarthy writes with the skills of a great teacher. Read and you will understand. Perhaps you understood already. I didn’t. I am grateful for the explanation. It shows in its own way what President Trump has been up against over the past two years and it’s not pretty.

I will only add this. Great as several of President Trump’s appointments to office have been, none is better or more valuable than Attorney General William Barr. In Barr the man and the moment have met, to the consternation of Trump’s enemies in the Democratic Party and its media adjunct.