Beauty Queens Are Smart

Sarah Idan certainly is. She was Miss Iraq at the 2017 Miss Universe contest. She got into trouble for posting on Instagram a photo of herself with Miss Israel:

The resultant outrage in Iraq forced Miss Idan and her family to flee the country. She now operates out of Los Angeles. Last month, she provided a blast of truth at a meeting of the U.N.’s Human Rights Council in Geneva. After her speech, there was a movement in the Iraqi parliament to revoke her citizenship. She is a true warrior in the cause of human progress.

And Sarah Idan doesn’t think much of Ilhan Omar. This is the tweet that was heard round the Islamic world:

Ilhan responded in a lame way, earning a rejoinder from Idan:

As many have pointed out on Twitter, Omar constantly purports to speak for all Muslims, both in the U.S. and around the world. And she is the darling of CAIR, having given a rather famous speech for that group in…Sarah Idan’s Congressional district:

There is much more at Sarah Idan’s Twitter feed. I will add just one more:

There is a battle going on between normal Muslims like Sarah Idan on one side, and radical, CAIR/terrorist-supporting, political opportunists like Ilhan Omar on the other. That battle is mostly off the radar of most Americans, but it is vitally important to our future.