Fake news about felon voting from Jared Kushner

I wrote here about Jared Kushner’s boast to big GOP donors that felons released from jail are registering to vote as Republicans. Kushner quipped, “I guess climate change is not their No. 1 issue.” The donors, all of whom are wealthy enough to protect themselves and their families from the crimes the released felons will likely commit, had a good laugh.

No doubt, some ex-cons are registering as Republicans. The law of averages tells us that. But how many are registering as Democrats? Many more, I strongly suspect.

Indeed, the ACLU is suing to allow felons in Florida to regain their voting rights without even paying the fines and fees they owe to their victims. If the majority of released felons were registering to vote as Republicans, I very much doubt the ACLU and other Soros funded groups would be suing to enable more of them to vote.

The ACLU suit reinforces another point I made in the post about Kushner’s vote. Felons and the felon lobby are hard to satisfy. They will always want more favors and more “rights.”

If Republicans want even a small share of the felon vote, they must bid for it. This means coming up with more and more accommodations, with no end in sight — at least none consistent with a modicum of law and order and none consistent with the desires of most Americans, including most African-Americans.