Hurricanes? Get Serious

Part of the Left’s rationale for shifting from “global warming” to “climate change” was a desire to capitalize on severe weather events by claiming they are symptomatic of “climate change.” While many people wouldn’t mind their region getting a little warmer, none of us want to see more hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts.

So in recent years, we have been bombarded with claims that every adverse weather event is somehow linked to “climate change.” Everyone who has looked at the data knows that these claims are absurd, but of course, most people don’t look at data. So a well-executed video can be a big help.

This one comes from the Clear Energy Alliance, with Marc Morano as guest host. This is sort of a twofer, as Morano–with whom, for some reason, I am not familiar–ranks #1 on the climate contrarian list that Steve reported on earlier today. It does an excellent job of debunking the Left’s hurricane claims:

You could create a similar video about other types of extreme weather events. The incidence of tornadoes has not increased, and neither floods nor droughts have gotten more common as a result of “climate change.”