The Most Influential Research of 2019

I wrote here about the fact that a paper produced by my organization, Center of the American Experiment, is one of three finalists for the Bob Williams Award for the Most Influential Research of the last 12 months, awarded by the State Policy Network. The paper is “Doubling Down on Failure”. It exposes the real costs of “green” energy and is, I think, enormously important.

The Williams Award will be handed out in October, and will be determined by popular vote. A voting window of one week was originally specified; it closed on August 9. We did a pretty good job, I think, of rustling up votes from our friends and supporters. Unfortunately, one of the other organizations complained that the window was too short. As a result, SPN has reopened voting for this week. It will close again on Friday. I wouldn’t want to overstate the case by, for example, drawing an analogy to the 1972 Olympic gold medal basketball game. But I do hope you will go here to read about the nominees in the Most Influential Research category and vote for us.

Why is “Doubling Down on Failure” so influential? Because, more than any other product I am aware of, it delves into the mechanics of what would be required to meet a given “green” energy mandate and objectively evaluates the costs and benefits. Because it is completely transparent–every data point, every calculation, every assumption is set forth in 17 appendices to the report. Because we are working with policy organizations around the country to export our template, and apply it to their unique energy circumstances. “Doubling Down on Failure” is a worthy winner, and I would appreciate it if you would vote for us. On all of your devices.