The Week in Pictures: Fredo Edition

I guess it is not embarrassing enough for Chris Cuomo to work at CNN. He had to go to eleven in the own-goal asshattery department, going postal on some nuisance bystander, and claiming that the term “Fredo” is a racist slur. Another example of liberal hypocrisy and goalpost shifting: anyone else recall how one of the left’s putdowns of George W. Bush was that he was the “Fredo” of the Bush family, which was in turn described as the Corleone family of American politics? No one—not even a Cuomo auxiliary—said this was a racial slur. But since everything is racist now, of course you can’t say “Fredo” any more. So Fredo Fredo Fredo. We live on the edge here. Total toxic transgressiveness. And I haven’t even gotten to the latest Jeffrey Epstein stories yet.

Headlines of the week:

And thereby assuring their world dominance. . .

And finally. . .


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