Thoughts from the ammo line

On her summer vacation Ammo Grrrll saw A PICTURE POSTCARD ROUND EVERY BEND. She writes:

What a country! Really. It is so beautiful, if anyone just opened his or her eyes and took it all in, he or she would be ashamed to be so enraged all the time. There is, as I’ve titled this column, a picture postcard round every bend. (Including, but not limited to, Bend, Oregon. Picture below of two random tourists of late, late middle age by a pretty river.) So far, I have not been in a single place, large or small, that I would not think it would be fun to live for at least a year. Or until the snow comes. Been there; done that.

Our Awesome Road Trip took us through parts of Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana, which we estimated to be about 2500 miles across. Our GPS disagreed, but what does it know? Montana is yuge! And every mile so beautiful that one is in grave danger of leaving the road from ogling the scenery. Especially at their “common sense” speed limit of 80 mph. “Oh, Beautiful, for spacious skies” had to be written with Montana in mind. Sure, it’s strange that there’s a state law that every town has to start with “B” – Bozeman, Billings, Butte, Big Sky – but what a fabulous place! As I discussed a few weeks ago, we then moseyed on to Medora, North Dakota. People often mosey there.

Well, friends, sometimes the WHOLE DANG WORLD does a Vulcan Mind Meld and steals your idea. More than 2 months ago, long before the President’s Twitter Storm du Jour – which was IDENTICAL in unspeakable horror to the Holocaust AND Pearl Harbor and slavery and A Bad Hair Day put together! – I banged out a future column. And I called it “America: Love It Or Leave It,” hoping to address the 60’s bumper sticker that expressed that sentiment to the scruffy protesters of the era, the vast majority of them as white as typing paper.

Being one of the pale unkempt horde invited to leave at that time, we clucked our teeth and bemoaned the fact that these peasants were so ignorant that they totally failed to appreciate that we were only trying to IMPROVE America and, by extension, improve THEM as well. Oh, there is no human more arrogant than a “woke” 19-year-old – except that same man or woman 50 years later who never grew up, never learned a thing. (And still has the same ponytail, now in grey and far far back on his bald empty head…)

Can anyone think of a single government program of social engineering for the “good” of people that ever worked out? If you had put 100 Klansmen in a big conference room and asked them to come up with something that would have been WORSE for black families than welfare, they would have scratched their pointy-sheeted heads and been unable to do it. To go from single digit unwed motherhood to 75-80 percent of (the non-aborted) black children being born to fatherless families has been a disaster of incalculable proportions for the black community and society in general. While a certain percentage of angry women may think they “need a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” their unfortunate children DEFINITELY need a man to put a steady hand on the back bumper of the Bicycle of Life.

What, truly, is wrong with the message of “America: Love it or Leave It”? I believe it is quite different from “Go back where you came from,” which is what the late and unlamented anti-Semitic hag Helen Thomas said to the Jews of Israel, and which the usual lying scum SAID the President told the Fraud Squad when he clearly said, “Go back and fix things there and then come and school the rest of us on how it’s done.”

But if this is such a revolting place, why NOT get the heck out? America is so racist that, inexplicably, we need to erect a wall to keep people OUT, including many black and brown people who are risking their lives to get IN to this racist hellhole, but somehow the homegrown race hustlers never pick up and leave for greener (or blacker) pastures.

Why is that? There is an entire continent filled with almost nothing but people various shades of non-whiteness. Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, DR are just sitting there crammed with people with not a speck of icky pallor. Go, already, with our blessings and be happy. Don’t let us force you to remain in this concentration camp of a racist country.

Not to pick on people of color, though I am danged tired of birdbrains like Van Jones and Don Le Moan calling me disgusting names and blaming me for others’ poor life decisions. But let us spare a few criticisms for the lazy, entitled, often-pudgy white radicals livin’ on Mom Street and longing for socialism as they wear their stupid masks and weaponize the few milkshakes they have failed to consume. Once again, socialist paradises already exist: China, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, or the allegedly more benign versions in Scandinavia. Your Heaven on Earth is waiting for the price of a one-way ticket! Go, Bernie, and take Elizabeth and the Squawking Squad of Bloviating, Anti-White Bigots with you.

But NOBODY ever goes. Not the race hustlers, angry feminists, ancient curmudgeonly Caucasian commies, or gaggle of has-been celebrities who are always threatening to leave when we uncelebrated nobodies have failed them. Why don’t they just go, already? Because they are lying through their teeth and they know it.

Where in Africa are you going to be obscenely paid for making up news and coining a moronic turn of phrase like “The 2016 election was a ‘whitelash’”? There are no job openings for a Diversity Drone in Uganda or Chad any more than there’s a Diversity Director of the NBA! Who in Venezuela or Norway would care what Cher or Rob Reiner or Bette Midler Tweeted? (Not that anybody cares here.)

Nope, leaving is not an option. Best just to stay put and try to destroy everything good. Occasionally take time out to harass some poor schlub wearing a hat you don’t like or stick your grubby hands in somebody’s salad. It’s not much of a life, but it is a living.

Speaking of moving on, we also spent two weeks in Minnesota. After visiting my Papa one night, I saw a big tricked-out Silverado with the American flag and a Trump 2020 banner snapping in the wind. It made me very happy.

I saw no Prius with a “24 Democrats 2020” banner and a Hammer and Sickle flag saying, “America Sucks! Open Borders! Free Everything For Illegals; Taxpayers Will Pay your Student Loans; Reparations for Everyone Who Isn’t YOU; No Private Health Insurance; and Full-term Abortion for All, especially men pretending to be women!”

There’s a hill to die on.

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