Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll lays down SOME HARD TRUTHS ABOUT “RACISM.” She writes:

Last week, one of my commenters, in need of a humor fix, felt that the column was less than funny. Well, this one isn’t a barrel of laughs, either. Maybe next week…

TRUTH #1: If there were a magic wand to wave to make every single white person in America erase even the slightest shadow of a penumbra of an unconscious racist thought, prejudice, or microaggression, not a single thing would change in the black communities.

Because the problem in Chicago and Baltimore, in Ferguson and St. Louis, is not that white people think ill of black people. Who cares what white people think about anything? The problem is drugs, gangs, criminal behavior including black on black crime, poor education and work skills, and fatherless children. The REAL “elephant in the room” is not white racism. It is the paucity of young black men even graduating from high school (under half in most urban areas) their lack of preparation to compete in the economic world. Add in a criminal record and a substance abuse problem, and you’ve pretty much screwed the pooch. Black people who do stay in school, and avoid drugs or criminal activity, are doing fine. Especially in the Trump economy.

The most intractable problem is that far too many black men act like sperm donors rather than fathers, making babies with multiple partners, babies whose mothers they have no intention whatsoever of marrying, babies who they will neither support nor raise. I don’t see how they can even look themselves in the mirror every morning. It is a national disaster that has unfolded like a slow-motion car wreck that any fool could have seen coming. (And naturally, this attitude has spread to the white working-class as well.)

It has been aided and abetted by the feminists’ 50-year War on Men and Boys, on, indeed, the very concept of masculinity. It is that war that is toxic, not our husbands, sons, and brothers. The anti-male bigotry sickens me to my core, as racial prejudice did from the first moment I became aware that it existed. How many lost young men, who shall deliberately remain nameless, have gone off the rails and concluded that since they were already “toxic,” they might as well try to achieve at least notoriety – in El Paso, in Norway, in New Zealand, in Dayton, in Dallas?

TRUTH #2: I have said before, and I will repeat: if you had put 100 Klansman in a room and had them scratch their pointy-sheeted heads to try to think up something that would have been more harmful to black people than welfare, they would have been unable to do so.

But the Democrats got their “Great” Society which not only didn’t erase poverty, but didn’t even make a “Grateful” Society. It did produce a permanent, entitled, angry bloc of reliable, dependent Democrat voters. Some charge that was a feature, not a bug, but I do not think that badly of my fellow Americans, even Democrats. I believe it was another proverbial road to hell paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, once that ball got rolling, it was no easier to stop than an avalanche. Look at the pushback on President Clinton when he tried to trim the welfare rolls. Oh, the children! The children! They will be thrown into the streets! Well, no. There was a period of robust economy and people got off their behinds and worked. Just like the people who had to work to pay the taxes supporting the welfare recipients.

TRUTH #3: The VAST majority of white people have no influence whatsoever over any hiring, firing, or anything else that could affect black people. If they have Wrongthink Thoughts, it matters not a whit in the real world.

I grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota where we had not one single African-American resident. We said Negro, not “colored,” which was considered low-class. Nobody I knew ever used the “N” word. They would have been shunned. It was first said – only once – in my home by a black gangsta pal of my black Honduran foster son. The kid was shocked when I told him, “Never again. Not in my home.”

In my entire working life, I have only been a very low-level employee (usually on night shift) or a freelance entrepreneur. I have hired nobody ever, so had no opportunity to discriminate even if I were a virulent racist who desperately wanted to. I have never owned a rental property and never will. My father owned two apartments over his drugstore and the problems he had with young white women renters convinced me I wanted no part of it ever.

TRUTH #4: If racism is so pervasive, so endemic in white people’s DNA (as the half-white Lightbringer charged), then why should white people even TRY to fix something which is genetic and immutable? It is a vile lie. The overwhelming majority of white people are NOT racists, including the President.

TRUTH #5: The weaponization of nasty, slanderous epithets as a substitute for rational argument will destroy this nation. #MeToo and the embrace of the accompanying concept of “credibly accused” has already distorted and will eventually destroy jurisprudence. Screaming “racist” at everyone who disagrees with something or someone is simply calculated to shut down debate and end free speech. Academia is too far gone ever to recover. The New York Times has promised it will be chanting “racism, racism, racism” till November of 2020 — The “om” of a dying cult that desperately needs to keep black people on the Democrat plantation.

TRUTH #6: Neither can we pretend that terrible racism never existed. Slavery was a horrific institution, absolutely not unique to America. It took over 600,000 American deaths to cut out the cancer, and another century to try to cauterize the wound. No American today owned slaves and no black person has picked cotton in chains in 150 years. It is way beyond time for us all to take responsibility for our life decisions, both individually and culturally.

TRUTH #7: NO. We do NOT need any more “conversation” on race. We need to shut up and start emphasizing our commonality rather than our superficial differences — treat each other as individuals and not walking bags of melanin or lack of same. We need to pull together, love each other, and love America. If you do not love America, then find somewhere you can love, because, frankly, I am sick of listening to you. Lookin’ at you, Don “Stinky Fingers” LeMoan, Van Jones, Kneeling Colin, and every self-loathing white actress or Democrat candidate who claims to be mortified about being white. Grow up. You have so much more to be embarrassed about.

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