“Without Evidence”

The Minnesota State Fair, one of the world’s wonders, is now in progress. Yesterday over 157,000 attended, a record for the fair’s second day. This being 2019, crazy left-wing behavior is already taking place:

The Minnesota Republican Party contended Saturday that a woman volunteering at the party’s booth at the State Fair was sexually assaulted by another woman Friday night during a political disagreement.

The volunteer was reported to have been “groped … over the clothes,” said Brooke Blakey, a State Fair police spokeswoman, adding that the victim and suspect “had had a previous discussion about politics.”
While no information was available about the political affiliation of the alleged suspect, [State GOP Chairwoman Jennifer] Carnahan, without evidence, contended that she and her staff were “harassed and threatened by Democrats.”

“Without evidence” is one of the liberal press’s current favorite tricks. I have yet to see it applied to a statement by a Democrat; it is generally intended as a warning to readers to disbelieve something that has been said by a Republican.

Of course, people often say things without offering “evidence.” But in this case, the “without evidence” warning seems entirely inappropriate. The Star Tribune’s own story says that the victim and alleged perpetrator “had a previous discussion about politics.” So it may well have been clear that the perpetrator was a Democrat. It is certainly safe to say that she was not a Republican. And there may have been other incidents, too, where people known to be Democrats have “harassed and threatened” GOPers manning the State Fair booth, as Carnahan said. Democrats harass and threaten Republicans often, a fact that the partisan press would like to obscure.