Children March Against Climate Change

There is something uniquely fatuous about holding demonstrations against the weather. On Friday, children world-wide played hooky tried to save the planet by marching. Save it from what? From its imminent demise due to “climate change.”

Here in Minnesota, our friends Kyle Hooten and Christian Schlaefer interviewed demonstrators at St. Olaf College for The College Fix. The conversation was on a high scientific plane. “Hey hey, ho ho! Climate change has got to go!” “No more coal! No more oil!” Intersectionality makes an appearance. One participant says the Earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years. What do you plan to do to fix it? “Coming to strikes like these.” Good luck with that:

For what it is worth, temperatures in the U.S. haven’t warmed since 2005, according to the weather stations selected by NOAA as most reliable:

I am guessing we will be just fine 12 years from now.