Ilhan Omar (New York Post remix)

Yesterday morning I posted “Ilhan Omar feels the heat.” Yesterday evening the New York Post published Ebony Bowden’s article “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband wants divorce after affair bombshell: source.” Bowden reports: “Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage appears to be headed for the rocks, a longtime friend of the couple told The Post.”

Bowden’s article draws on the research of David Steinberg without attribution. It also draws on the Daily Mail’s shoe leather reporting without attribution. The Daily Mail’s current contribution to the tabloid version of the Omar affair is here (and credits the Post).

David Steinberg’s research built on and credited Preya Samsundar’s work drawing on social media. When Steinberg called Bowden on her use of his work, Bowden responded that “all the info in this report is from interviews and records I obtained while in Hennepin County last week.” I guess that means she pulled the same documents Steinberg did the first time around. This scenario replays the Washington Examiner’s “EXCLUSIVE” Tiana Lowe remix of June 23.

Maybe next time around Bowden can stay in town a little longer and spend her time pursuing sources who will advance the story of the unbelievable scandals beyond the Post’s tabloid headline.

NOTE: The Post separately reports that Tim Mynett has filed a response to his wife’s divorce petition denying the affair with Omar.