Open Borders Inc.

Michelle Malkin came to town this past Tuesday as the star attraction at an event sponsored by our old friends at AM1280 The Patriot.  Michelle drew an audience of 500 to hear her discuss her just-published book, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey moderated the event at Ames Center in Burnsville.

By my count this is Michelle’s eighth book and it is a critically important one at that. With a preface dated July 2019, it is also as current as today’s headlines. Among other things, Michelle has the lowdown on the refugee resettlement industry — she calls it “the refugee resettlement racket” — which lives richly off taxpayer dollars while ill serving our national interests. She devotes long chapters to exposing “Abolish ICE, Antifa, and Sanctuary Anarchists” as well as the odious “Hate Machine: The Southern Poverty Law Center” (the quotable quote below is from the chapter).

Michelle is a dogged investigative reporter. She is also brilliant and beautiful. Meeting her and her husband for dinner in Washington with John and Paul and our wives nearly 15 years ago was a highlight of my experience writing for Power Line. When I found out last month that she was going to be in town this week, I wrote her to ask if she might have a spare moment to reconnect. As she left for Minneapolis on Tuesday morning she texted me to let me know she thought she would. She really didn’t, but she made time for us to get together at an undisclosed location following her book event when she was hungry and tired. We chatted not quite until closing time and took a photo on our way out after we discovered that two of Michelle’s admirers who spotted her across the restaurant had paid for our drinks. That was a new experience for me.

I want to bring Michelle’s new book to your attention. It is must reading.

Quotable quote (pages 183-184, footnotes omitted): “None of the things I am and am not has stopped the Southern Poverty Law Center and its media handmaidens from attacking me as an ‘anti-immigration pundit’ and ‘white supremacist threat.’ Nor does it matter that SPLC’s board of directors and leadership members, who have recklessly branded many prominent non-white immigration hawks and conservatives like me as racists, are themselves overwhelmingly white. In fact, a former SPLC writer confessed that one of the progressive organization’s black employees, most of whom held administrative or support positions, referred derisively to minorities on staff as ‘the help.’ Ain’t liberal, pale-faced privilege grand?”